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Download your FREE unpsychology magazines

Eight free PDF magazines for all Unpsychology subscribers

Unpsychology Magazine is FREE to all subscribers

You can download all previous editions of this magazine - from 2014 to 2022 - in PDF form from HERE.

FREE back issues, click HERE

Back issues #1 - 8

Numbers 1 & 2 were first published as small printed pamphlets with a range of articles, poetry and artwork addressing ‘unpsychological’ themes. They are now available as PDFs, though not available in their original printed form.

Number 3 - the Childhood issue – included artwork by Ruth Thorp and a reprint of a chapter from Jay Griffith’s wonderful book, Kith. It also came with a PDF poetry supplement. The PDF versions are available in the download folder, but you can also still get a copy of the original print edition by contacting (limited copies available!).

Number 4 - the Climate Minds Anthology – our first solely digital issue specifically focused on the psychological implications of the climate emergency. This was a rich collection of essays, art, poetry and fiction - and set the template for future anthologies in terms of its scope and design.

Number 5 – Earthsongs – our first multimedia edition. The focus of this one was music and song – and the connection between music, activism and other forms of creativity. There’s a special online music and video playlist accompanying this edition.

Number 6 – the Other-Than-Human issue – a rich and beautiful mix of art forms, delving deep into the world of non-human people and the way we relate. This one is special – and carries some wonderful and surprising contributions.

Number 7 – Climate, Complexity, Change – our second ‘climate’ issue is infused with a mixture of hope and grief, as our contributors come to terms with what climate complexity means to them. Their message?: There are no direct solutions, but there is still the urgent task of living in the world to get on with!

Number 8 – An anthology of Warm Data –Our special collaboration with Nora Bateson and the Warm Data community was published in 2022. This beautiful 256 page edition (see video above), contains a warm treasury of contributions from Warm Data hosts and others. You can also purchase a printed copy of this beautiful 256 page edition from this link:

You can download all the above magazines in PDF form from HERE.

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