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I found myself remembering the same spirit in my grandmother and thinking that the conversation I had with Steve thorp about how extraordinary was in her unselfconscious display of her love of colorful clothes, gardening and how she loved to cook for people. For years she served my grandfather breakfast in bed on a tray with the morning paper that she walked up a long drive to collect early every morning and always with an attitude of pleasure not a task to be endured or perserved with. Your writing evoked so many lovely memories of them both for me. Thank you Julia.

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I enjoyed your distinction between endurance and persistence but even persistence doesn't quite seem a worthy enough word for your first friend with the diagnosis. because there's something that is not focussed on overcoming problems to get somewhere or even to survive in your description of her.. her spirit through your lovely pictures feels more flirtatious and audacious , playful and endearing ,none of which feels persevering to me, she just seems to be living loudly. A slightly different feel to the other 2 people you mention and what a contribution she makes to my life and possibly others who read this, even through second hand description.Thank you.

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Thank you Yinchi, I love your point and I love that you recognise and honour her playful spirit in your comment.🙏

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