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…is the online home of Unpsychology Magazine which has been going for nine years, and publishes writing, art, video, music related to the broad theme of how humans see and experience the world – and each other – in increasingly complex and troubled times. We cover themes such as: Ecology of mind; Madness and Neurodiversity; Warm Data; the Other Than Human; Climate Minds; Complexity; Therapy in the Anthropocene and much, much more…

Issue 9 - Imaginings

Our 9th issue – with the theme of Imaginings – will be published in two parts during 2023. The first will be available in both PDF and print formats, and will be available in the summer. The second will be published in the Autumn.

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Unpsychology Voices is the online home of Unpsychology Magazine, in which we explore mind, culture, ecology, psychology and soul. We publish an annual FREE digital anthology of writing, art and creativity of all kinds, and online content on this site.


Steve Thorp

Editor, Unpsychology Magazine; writer; therapist and activist.

Julia Macintosh

Editor, Unpsychology Magazine; writer; life coach; facilitator and mad scholar.