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So pleased that we met and that I could help you a little bit on your journey. Enjoy your holiday x

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Ahhh…we were just talking about that today. We were working with our horses at The Equus Effect and noticing how most of us hurry through things…particularly when we feel vulnerable or pressed to meet others’ expectations. I agree; the expectations thing is especially true of women.

Setting boundaries, saying ‘no’ are particularly hard.

We’re all about that here. Looking forward to more in this!

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"...we are missing so much nuance – and nuance is a very crucial and forgotten element of this conversation.” I love this retrieval of the value of 'nuance' - an unassuming word with such profound consequence (imagine our present world with more nuance). It has sent me off on a little etymological wander ... 'nuance' comes from the French 'nuage' meaning 'cloud' and references the subtlety of tone and constantly shifting light and shade of clouds. And this made me wonder about the word 'subtle' which combines the Latin sub "under" + -tilis, from tela "web, net, warp of a fabric". Slowing down allows us to notice the less obvious threads of life that pass under the warp. These are the finest threads ('fine' meaning here both slender and of highest value). The noticing which time affords must therefore be an essentially enriching experience. If we could feel ourselves a little richer in this sense, perhaps we would not need to run around consuming and distracting ourselves in ways that are literally costing us the earth.

This wandering/wondering about 'nuance' reminds me of a poem I penned a few years ago - www.sueholliday.com/project/between - which concludes:

So tender to me

all that lies in between,

show me tones tints and hues

of reds greens and blues.

Gentle my soul

with shades and with greys,

with almond and amber, lilac and teal.

Mix these pure pigments with oils and with clays

to soften and sooth

the birth pains of these days.

Thankyou for this reminder to treasure 'nuance' and for the invitation to take a moment in my day to look at some clouds!

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